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Briefly, ᵃa = ā, ⁱy = ī and ᵘw = ū. Lengthy ā pursuing a hamzah may very well be represented by an alif maddah or by a free of charge hamzah accompanied by an alif (two consecutive alifs are under no circumstances allowed in Arabic).At first, the alphabet was an abjad, with only consonants, but now it is regarded an "impure abjad". As wit… Read More

In addition, the Arabic alphabet can be used to signify numbers (Abjad numerals). This use is predicated around the abjadī get with the alphabet.The abjadī purchase isn't an easy historic continuation of the sooner north Semitic alphabetic purchase, since it features a placement similar to the Aramaic letter samekh / semkat ס, however no letter … Read More

An try to clearly show them on the defective fonts without having quickly incorporating the gemination mark along with the superscript alif, Though might not Exhibit as wished-for on all browsers, is by adding the U+200d (Zero width joiner) following the initial or 2nd lāmAt first, the alphabet was an abjad, with only consonants, but it is current… Read More

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